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I call this the Ranma and Akane Shrine Fanfics page, but it's really a collection of my own fanfiction (though most are pro-Ranma and Akane fics). There are also some links to some great Ranma fanfiction at the end of this page!

Pick your poison:

- The Solar Demise (Ranma 1/2, 1998-present) *fics updated* (31 August 2004)
- My First Lemon (Ranma 1/2, 1998)
- Ranma 1/2 Mad Lib (1998)
- Ranma 1/2 Mad Lib 2 (1998)
- The Gods Must Hate Me (Ranma 1/2, 1997)
- While You Were Gone (A Pitcher of LEMONade) (Ranma 1/2, 1997)
- Predictable (Ranma 1/2, 1997-2004)
- Ranma 1/2 Omega (1996)

The Solar Demise

Ranma 1/2: The Solar Demise

Ranma 1/2: The Solar Demise has been rewritten and moved to! Click below to read:

Part 1 - In Another Lifetime
Part 2 - Lavender Punch
Part 3 - The Death of P-chan
Part 4 - Ready, Set, Run Away!
Part 5 - Hindsight

Solar Demise 5 Series - What happened during Ranma and Akane's trip:
- Part 5a - Mata Ne (See You Later)
- Part 5b - Ai Shiteru (I Love You)
- Part 5c - Mou Ichido, Ai Shiteru (Once More, I Love You)
- Part 5d - Tabemono (food)
- Part 5e - Nemurenai (I Can't Sleep)
Part 6 - A Blank Slate
Part 7 - Back to Square -1
Part 8 - Making Her Move
Part 9 - Chance Encounter
Part 10 - Teaser

Solar Demise Side Story(ies)

· Interlude on a Mountain (by Andrew Eoff)
- This takes place after part four, while Ranma and Akane are on their way to the ocean. This story is beautifully written; a perfect compliment to the Solar Demise storyline, because it captures the flavor of Solar. ^_^

Solar Demise Art
Please DO NOT use any of my artwork without permission!

"Tent Scene" - Wow, what an old pic. ^_~ A scene from part three.

Snapshot - A photo of Akane, taken by Ranma(?) Same as the picture of Akane you see on this page, but with a background.



My First Lemon - This is NOT really a LEMON fic! When I say that, I mean that it does NOT have sexually explicit content... believe me, it doesn't NEED sexually explicit content! ^_~

Ranma 1/2 Mad Lib - Do you like Mad Libs? Never heard of them? Either way, Try out my Ranma 1/2 mad lib! You must have a browser with JavaScript capabilities to use it.

Ranma 1/2 Mad Lib 2 - Here's another mad lib that I made especially for Christina (Kameman's little sister ^_~). Enjoy!

The Gods Must Hate Me - If Ryouga had one wish, what would he wish for? This. All I can say is... ouch.

While You Were Gone (A Pitcher of LEMONade) - So, what happened while Ranma went to go find Akane in Ryugenzawa... (well, probably nothing, but...)? This fic is sexually explicit, so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it.

Predictable - Predictable has now been moved to

The Ranma 1/2 Omega Trilogy - This fic was co-written by my best friend, Elizabeth King, and myself. It was done waaaaaay back in the summer of 1996 when we were just new to the whole "Ranma 1/2-thing". Please be merciful! ^_~ It's a fun fic, just as long as it's not taken seriously! Of course, as customary with all trilogies, it's seperated into three parts.



Some CHOICE fanfic links!

Andrew Eoff's Fanfic Page - The author of You Say It's her Birthday and Akane Remembered. You're in for a great read!

Thirteen Moons Productions - Ronin (An awesome friend and cool writer ^_^)

Hearts of Ice - Krista Perry

Lord Archive's Fanfics Page

A Lesson in Love - Marisa Price

Kunoichi's Fanfics Page

Lines of Destiny - Phoenix

Blood Blade's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Page

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