The Reversal Springs of Musenkyo?

Ranma 1/2 Omega: Part one By: Laura Hendricks and Elizabeth King

Here's the thing: You wanna know how many crappy Ranma fan fics we have read? Well, let's just say many seem to follow a certain pattern: Every character gets paired off with each other (Whether they are suited or not I.E. Ryoga and Ukyou ect, ect... love is for those at the appropriate time, and some were not meant to paired off like in some crappy porno flick.), (That doesn't mean that we won't pair off anyone... you just have to see!) And there's all those damn Japanese words. You see, Ranma is translated into English from Japanese. You don't hear Akane saying, "Ranma no baka!!" Because in English, it means Ranma you fool (or something like that). There are exceptions, though. Sake is sake in English and in Japanese, taco is taco in English and Spanish (and there's also those nifty, special attacks that they do, too). However there are good fan fics. But then there are about 100 times more sucky one's. We hope you like this. And if not we'll shoot you (when we feel like it, okay?). Now.... Ranma 1/2 is copyrighted by Rumiko Takahashi, OKAY!?!?!? And anyone else who feels like it (well, not really, but...).

The scene: The Tendo Dojo. Akane and Ranma are sparring. Akane has just thrown a mondo punch, that sends him out into space.

Akane: Don't you dare call me a tomboy ever again! (starts muttering.) Stupid cross-dressing pervert.

Voice: Akane, where's Ranma?

Akane: K-Kasumi? Um.....He um....left. Yep.

Kasumi: Oh my. I just heard that Mrs. Saotome was going to come by. That's all. You see, she sent this postcard, and...

Akane (thinking) I better at least warn Ranma... maybe.

Scene: Dr. Tofu's clinic. Inside, Dr. Tofu violently puts Ranma back together, as usual, and as usual, Ranma looks disgruntled.

Ranma: Stupid tomboy!! I never said that I would marry her in the first place.

Dr. Tofu: Like I've said, you just [crack] have to [crack] be more sensitive to her, Ranma. You've just got to set your pride aside and give her a chance to be nice to you.

Ranma: Oww! Anyway, you have just NO IDEA what it's like to live with someone as moody as her.

Dr. Tofu: Well, you see Ranma, women are like--

Ranma: (angrily) I've already had THAT talk before--

Dr. Tofu: No, no I mean--

Voice: Oh, there you are, Ranma! I was worried that we wouldn't find you in time. You see, your mother is coming to visit, and I thought that you should know.

[Ranma goes into convulsions as Dr. Tofu starts dancing around with Betty, the skeleton.]

Kasumi: My, what a charactOOWH!

[Dr. Tofu realizes that he has just hit Kasumi in the face with Betty. Seeing blood, he automatically assumes that she is dead.]

Dr. Tofu: (crying) KASUMI!! OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE?? (picks her up and runs out of the clinic)

Ranma: (keels over) Muh--mother? Duh-duh-duh-muh-muh...(wanders out of the clinic.)

Scene: Akane walks along the perimeter of the Dojo. She notices Dr. Tofu carrying Kasumi and bawling.

Akane: Hey! What's going on, anyway? (gets trampled by an incoherent Dr. Tofu. On the ground, wondering when her body will let her stand up, she notices Ranma walk by in an odd stupor.) Ranma?

Ranma: Muh--ther?

Akane: No you idiot! I'm not your mother! (thinking) He knows.

Ranma: Muh--

Akane: (standing up) Let's go home Ranma.

Ranma: Muh---!! (thrashes rather violently) She--

Akane: She's not there yet, fool. (drags him off.)

[Dr. Tofu arrives at the Dojo, breathless, carrying an unconscious Kasumi]

Soun: (Bawling) What's wrong with her Dr. Tofu?

Dr. Tofu: She's (sounding a lot like Soun) she's duh...

Nabiki, Genma Panda, & Soun: WHAT? What is she?

Dr. Tofu: (neglecting to say who's doing it was) She... she's gone to a better place...

Nabiki: (skeptically) What do you mean? (looks closer at Kasumi) La-la land?

Soun: How can you joke about that, Nabiki? Your sister is DEAD!! (grabs Kasumi and rocks her in his arms) My...little...girl...

Genma Panda: (holding up a sign) Don't bother with him and Dr. Tofu. (flips sign) They're gone.

Nabiki: (nodding) Yup.

[Enter Akane and Ranma, still in shock.]

Genma Panda: (holding up another sign) He knows, doesn't he? (Akane nods)

[Nabiki walks over to Soun.]

Nabiki: Father, I think we should get a second opinion--

Soun: Nabiki, Dr. Tofu is a doctor of the highest caliber. I think he knows what he is talking about! (walks over to a corner and begins to rock himself back and forth) Oh, my little girl...

Akane: What's wrong with Kasumi?

Nabiki: Those babbling idiots over there think that Kasumi is dead. (Akane begins to look surprised) ...but you won't think so when you look at her yourself. What's with Ranma?

Akane: He found out... (Nabiki nods)

Soun: (still sobbing) (picks up Kasumi)

Akane: We've got to stop him before he totally loses it!!!! (grabs for Kasumi)

Soun: Get away! What are you doing? (dodges)

[Akane, Nabiki, and Genma Panda attempt to stop Soun from getting away, but all attempts result in nothing. Soun runs off down the street carrying Kasumi.]

Genma Panda: (holds up a sign) Now what do we do?

Scene: 30 minutes later. Genma (human again) and Nabiki are talking to Ranma (now back to his senses) and Akane.

Genma: There is no better time for this, my boy.

Nabiki: You know, Akane, he's right. Him and Dad have been planning to have you guys do this in the first place, and now is perfect.

Ranma: But I DON'T WANNA have to spend two weeks with her!

Akane: So what? Do you think that I'm rarin' to do this, either? (turns to Genma) why can't we have everyone else come with us, anyway?

Genma: Both of you have to learn to live with each other, anyway. Leaving for two weeks to travel around Japan is the ideal chance for you two to actually get to know (winks at Ranma) each other bett--

Ranma & Akane: We already know each other plenty!!!

Ranma: And besides that, Pop- what kind of pervert do you think I am?

Akane: Well--


Genma: I knew that you two would react like this. But, frankly, you have no choice! You must leave together, and come back together. Before this whole fiasco about Kasumi started, Akane's father and I decided that since Nodoka is coming, there is no other perfect time to--

Ranma: Then what are you going to do while she is here?

Genma: (still human, but holding up a sign) I'm just an ordinary panda!

[Enter Soun, still bawling, and wheeling a large wooden coffin around. Exit Soun]

Nabiki: Poor Kasumi... hey, what happened to Dr. Tofu?

Akane: I saw him outside; he's still crying about the whole thing.

Ranma: Hey, do you think that we should check on the coffin to see if Kasumi is all right?

[All get up and look for Soun. All head to Kasumi's room]

Scene: Ranma opening Kasumi's door, with everyone in tow. Soun is crying, while making a shrine to Kasumi.

Nabiki: He's definitely lost it this time.

Ranma: I think you may be right.

Akane: Ummm....daddy? Where's Kasumi's coffin?

Soun: (quickly) Whydoyouwanttoknow?

Genma: Gotta pay our respects. Heh heh.

Soun: It's in the (sob) kitchen.

Scene: In the kitchen there is a light rapping coming from the coffin.

Kasumi: Hello? (knocks again) Is anyone there? Oh dear. Who's going to make dinner? Oh my.

[Enter Ranma & co.]

Ranma: There it is. (they rush to the coffin and try unsuccessfully to open it.)

Nabiki: And guess who has the key?

Akane: How are we ever going to get out of this one?

Nabiki: You two don't worry. (She smiles wickedly) You go on your little love trip.....

Ranma: HEY!!!!!


Nabiki: Oh go on and get packed (Watches Ranma and Akane exit, then turns to Genma) So pop's what are we going to do?

Scene: Akane's room. Akane violently throws miscellaneous things into a huge backpack.

Akane: (muttering) Stupid Ranma... stupid trip... stupid engagement... STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID--

Ranma: (non-chalantly walking in) Are you talking about yourself?

Akane: (turning red) Don't you ever knock?!?! What do you want?

Ranma: I just wanted to see if you were ready yet . Sheesh, stupid, why do you always get so moody all the time?

[Akane yells and throws the backpack onto Ranma's head.]

Akane: I AM NOT moody. (takes backpack) Now, c'mon, let's go...

Ranma: Duh-duh-bur-puh--THAT HURT!

Akane: Good, now let's go, okay? (drags Ranma along)

[Akane and Ranma go downstairs to find Dr. Tofu and Soun crying in each other's arms]

Akane: Maybe it's a good thing that we're going...

Ranma: Yeah...

[Enter Nabiki and Genma]

Genma: Have fun now boy, do you hear me?

Ranma: Yeah whatever. Where are we supposed to go?

Genma: Wherever the wind takes you. Now, you two must leave together, stay together the whole time, and come back together.

Akane: I DON'T WANNA!!!!!

Ranma: Shut up stupid!!!

Akane: How many times have I told you? Don't call me STUPID!!!!

[They continue to fight as they walk out the door.]

Nabiki: (Winks at Genma) Well, there they go...

Scene: Akane and Ranma walking through one of the vast Japanese forests. It is now nighttime, and they are fighting. As usual.

Ranma: Food...must have food.

Akane: I'll fix us something. (She smiles brightly.)

Ranma: (Turning green) thanks.


Ranma: Ummmmm...welllllllll...I'll make something.

Akane: NO!!!!!! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!! (She runs off into darkness.)

Ranma: Akane, wait up!! (runs after her) I didn't mean it that way, I swear! I like your boiling water... (catches up to her) Hey! (sighs) If it means that much to you, I would (gulp) appreciate it if you --

Akane: Yes?

Ranma: If you ... would ...cookdinnerforme.

Akane: (laughing gleefully) Okay! What do you want for dinner?

Ranma: (thinking) What can she make that can't kill me? Vegetable stir fry? NO... soup? No...something that can't COOK...

Akane: Well?

Ranma: Gee, Akane, I'm in the mood for..

Akane: Yes?

Ranma: SALAD!

[Akane starts to look suspicious, but lets it pass.]

Akane: Okay, hold on. (grabs ingredients and starts cutting away. Thinks to herself) I know, I'll make him a special salad dressing.

Ranma: So, how's it going, Akane?

Akane: (still cutting) Pretty good. Can you go pitch a tent somewhere, Ranma?

Ranma: Uh, sure...

[Ranma puts up the tent while Akane starts to mix together ingredients for the salad dressing. Both finish their projects, Akane gets plates out, and Ranma prays to the gods.]

Akane: (Smiling) It's almost done.

Ranma: (wincing) What do you mean? The salad is already out?

Akane: I made this just for you. (She holds a bottle with an odd colored liquid.)

[Ranma takes the bottle and wonders how toxic it is. Akane is giving him the "WELL ARE YOU GOING TO TRY IT OR NOT?" look. He opens the bottle and pours it on the salad.]

Akane: See? Was that so bad?

[Ranma holds his breath and gobbles the whole thing down. Suddenly, the world is becoming black and he loses consciousness.]

Akane: Ranma!!!!!

Scene: Akane and Ranma are inside the tent. Akane is desperately trying to awaken Ranma, whose head is in her lap. Akane is holding a wet washrag over his face.

Voice: Hello, is anyone there?

[Akane doesn't hear the voice and now begins to talk to Ranma]

Akane: Oh, Ranma...

Voice: Ranma? I don't believe it! (listens further)

Akane: (attempts to sit Ranma up) Oh, God (grunts) I can't hold you any longer... (grunts)

[Ranma begins to regain consciousness]

Ranma: (moans) A-Akane...

Voice: NO, they couldn't be.. (busts into the tent)

Akane: Ryoga! What are you doing here?

Ryoga: (looking at Ranma) HOW DARE YOU, SAOTOME!

Ranma: (still disoriented) Wha... what are you doing here?

Ryoga: Ahhh, I see how it is! Seducing sweet innocent Akane into your little LOVE TRAP!

Akane: What are you talking about, Ryoga?

Ryoga: You don't see it, Akane? How dare you go and drug her like that, Saotome!

Ranma: Hey! She drugged ME!

Akane: Hey!

Ryoga: How DARE you go and blame Akane like that! You lecherous swine!

Ranma: Now don't you go and get me started, P-Chan!

Akane: P-Chan? Where?

Ranma: Right there.(points at Ryoga)

Akane: Where?

Ranma: Never mind. (looks at Ryoga) So, why on Earth are you here?

Ryoga: I was just gonna ask you if you knew how to get to Tokyo...

Akane: Well, you can just go north...

Ryoga: Okay, I can do that...(leaves to the south)

Ranma: (thinking) Akane can be so dumb at times...

Scene: Ranma is still a little woozy and he is laying down in the tent. Akane went to clean up the dinner mess. On the edge of sleep, he hears Akane stumble in.

Ranma: Ouch!!!!!

Akane: Was that you?

Ranma: And it still is!! Get off my leg!!!!!!!!!!

Akane: God. (muttering) I don't see why we have to sleep in the same tent.

Ranma: Because we only have one stupid!!!!!

Akane: Then sleep outSIDE!!!!!! (picks him up and throws him out into the cold.)

Ranma: WHY DO I-- (A pillow smacks him in the head) HAVE TO-- (And then a sleeping bag) SLEEP-- (and a frying pan that knocks him out.)

Scene: The middle of the night. Akane is awaken by the muttering of Ranma.

Ranma: (angrily) Stupid...trip...cold...(sneezes) Cold...

Akane: (thinking) Poor Ranma. I guess I should actually go and give him the tent. (goes outside) Hey, Ranma, do you want the tent?

Ranma: Ha-? Uh, well how about you?

Akane: (smiling) Well, I'll just sleep out here.

Ranma: Oh, why, so you can hold it against me tomorrow, or something?

Akane: Sheesh, Ranma, I was just trying to be nice to you for a change! DON'T SCREW IT UP!

Ranma: (sarcastically) Oh, why, is the ever-gracious and wonderful Akane gonna forgive me, or something?

Akane: THAT'S IT, RANMA!! (picks up Ranma and throws him in the tent) Get in there!

[Ranma crawls out and throws Akane in the tent. This continues on until the tent breaks. Akane stands up.]

Akane: Good going, idiot!

Ranma: What are you talking about? This is all your fault!

Akane: You were the one who called me stupid in the first place! You're always calling me that and I'm sick of it! (sobs) Why do we just let this whole stupid thing linger on when I know and you know that you don't want to marry me anyway!

Ranma: Hey, now, don't talk like that...(puts hand on her shoulder)

[Akane looks at Ranma and turns away.]

Akane: Let's go to sleep.

Scene: The next morning, Ranma wakes up to P-Chan falling on his face.

Ranma: Get off!!!!! (He throws P-Chan into the wilderness.)

[Akane walked back just as he did that, and screamed.]

Akane: Why are you so mean to P-Chan? He's never done anything to you that you didn't deserve!

Ranma: (thinking) If only you knew, Akane... So, where to today, Akane?

Akane: Hmm, well why don't we get everything together and then decide, huh? (begins to pick up sleeping bags) Well, are you gonna help me or not?

[Ranma silently grabs pillows, and packs them away in his bag.]

Akane: Okay, good. (looks towards Ranma) You finished?

Ranma: Yeah, I am. Now, so where are we going, anyway?

Scene: The Tendo Dojo. Soun, Genma, and Nabiki all sit at a table, eating breakfast. Kasumi is in the kitchen, cleaning up.

Soun: Kasumi, can I please have another bowl of rice? (looks at empty bowl)

Kasumi: Father, there is no more cooked rice. Sorry.

Soun: (wavers) Kasumi, you're still not angry with me about that little incident, are you? I'll make my own rice if I have to.

Kasumi: Of course I'm not mad at you, Father. There's just no more rice, okay?

Soun: (sighs) O-okay, Kasumi. I'm still sorry about that whole coffin incident, if it's any consolation to you.

Nabiki: Lighten up, Daddy. You already apologized enough, all right? (sips drink)

Genma: Hmm. Wonder what Ranma and Akane are up to right now...

Scene: One of the many miscellaneous forests of Japan. Tired and angry, Ranma and Akane trudge along a random path.

Akane: Since you WALKED here from China, shouldn't you know your way around Japan a bit?

Ranma: So what are you getting at? (stops to sit down, and opens a can of juice) Want some?

Akane: Sure. (muttering) I'd rather drink juice at home.

Ranma: What did you say?

Akane: I was just saying that I'd RATHER BE AT HOME! AAAUGH!

[Akane goes to kick a rock in front of her. As she kicks, she notices that the rock flying of into the distance begins to squeal.]

Akane: P-CHAAAAAAAAAAAN! OH NO!! (runs after him)

Ranma: AKANE, COME BACK!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? (follows Akane)

[Akane continues to chase P-Chan. P-Chan ends up landing in a river. Before Akane realizes what she is doing, she jumps in the river after P-Chan, and quickly begins to sink. Ranma, following close behind, sees all of this]

Akane: RANMA!

Ranma: AKANE! (dives in after her) You idiot, why'd you have to chase after a stupid pig? And Ryoga at that!

[After rescuing Akane from drowning, Ranma attempts to swim back to the shore.]

Ranma: (struggling) Argh! Hold on Akane! Damn! The current's too strong!

[Ranma, Akane, and P-Chan are carried downstream.]

Scene: Ranma-Chan , Akane, and P-Chan all open their eyes at once.

Ranma-Chan: This--This looks just like Jusenkyo!!!!

[P-Chan nods.]

Akane: But...We're still in Japan...right????

Ranma-Chan: I sure hope so...

Voice: Uh...howz it goin'?

[They all turn.]

Akane: Who are you?

Voice: Hi!!! I'm Tetsuo, I run this place.

Ranma-Chan: Are we still in Japan?

Tetsuo: Of course you are.....This is Musenkyo.

Ranma-Chan: Musenkyo?

Tetsuo: Yep. Would you like to hear the legend?

Akane: YES!!!!!

Tetsuo: Okay, kiddies, take a seat...About 500 years ago...A priest wandered here, seeking a cure to his illness...

Akane: What illness? (sits up)

Tetsuo: He had fallen into a cursed spring which made him change into a chicken. This spring was in China-- but that was a different story...

Ranma-Chan: (looks towards Akane) DUUUH! (Akane hits Ranma)

Tetsuo: Calm down there, Pig-tailed-type-girl... Anyway, the priest was getting pretty damn tired of people chasing him with cleavers-

Ranma-Chan: HEY! I'm a guy! (looks down towards his/her body)

Tetsuo: Wha-- no, you can't be serious! You-you've been to Jusenkyo? (shakes head back and forth) No way--but man, I feel sorry for the poor fool who had the misfortune to- (looks quickly at Ranma) I, uh, mean, hey, buddy (heh heh) too bad.(laughs nervously)

Ranma-Chan: So, buddy, what exactly is this place for?

Tetsuo: (takes out enormous white binder and flips through the pages) Let's see.. uh.. the exact written reason.. hm. Well, it says 'the Reversal Springs of Musenkyo's sole purpose is to free the spirits of the drowned souls in Jusenkyo. (Ranma's eyes light up) This can only be done by the living who have been cursed AT Jusenkyou...'

Ranma-Chan: Did'ja hear that? I'm practically cured!!! (runs towards spring and stops) Uh, which one IS it?

Tetsuo: Wait, you dweeb, let me check my map. (Flips through binder) Okay...let me see...YOU'RE SCREWED, BUDDY!!!

Ranma-Chan: What in the hell are you talking about!!!???!?!?!

Akane: Does this mean.......??????

Ranma-Chan: Of course it must mean......

P-Chan: Bweeeeeeeeee!

Ranma-Chan: Shut up, Ryoga!!!!

Akane: What?????? (Looking perplexed.)

Tetsuo: You are screwed, see.......two of the names were smudged......One is your little spring of drowned girl. The other is the spring of drowned pig.


Ranma-Chan: So, what? (looks at map) We'll just jump in one, and if I'm not cured, we'll try the other. (starts to run towards a spring)

[As Ranma-Chan begins to jump into the spring, a deep growl is heard]

Tetsuo: Boy, I wish that these people would (looks to Ranma-Chan) HOLD IT FOR ONE SECOND!! (Ranma-Chan comes to a screeching halt) FIRST, THERE IS A GUARDIAN, LIKE THAT CUTE LITTLE DROOLING, GROWLING BLOODTHIRSTY MONSTER OVER THERE! (points to a seemingly rabid, giant red- headed girl, which is coming out of the ground in front of Ranma-Chan)

Ranma-Chan: (looks up) WHOA! I gotta get outta here!

[Ranma-Chan begins to dodge the red-headed girl, and Tetsuo keeps yelling.]

Akane: Ranma, be careful, you idiot...for the both of us...


Akane: So, that means if Ranma goes in the wrong spring, he stays as a girl...

Tetsuo: BINGO! Now, we better help him get outta this.

[Out of nowhere, Ryoga comes running out of the distance. He waits at a nearby tree watching Ranma with his arms crossed over his chest.]

Akane: Hey, Tetsuo, can you hurry and get me a kettle of hot water? Hurry!

Tetsuo: Oh, that's right! Ranma is really a guy, as he so loudly put it. Yeah, no prob! (runs into a small straw hut)

Ranma-Chan: I don't believe this! How do I fight THIS thing? AAARGH!

[The red-headed girl lashes out at Ranma-Chan, and this time, ends up batting her to a nearby tree.]

Akane: RANMA! (runs to her) Oh, God, are you all right?

[Tetsuo shows up with a kettle of hot water, which he throws over Ranma. Ranma gets up and sets his stance.]

Akane: RANMA!! What are you doing??!! You don't think you can win, do you?

Ranma: What are you trying to say?!?!?

Akane: I just want you to be careful, STUPID!!!

Ranma: This is it! I've come this close to regaining my manhood, and I can't quit now! Since when is it your business?

Akane: Well, I'm here, aren't I? Don't get so cocky!!!!

[Ranma is too busy fighting with Akane to notice the red-headed girl come up and knock him flying towards a spring. ]

Akane: RANMA!!!!!!!!!!

Ryoga: Aw, geez... (rushes up and catches Ranma before he falls into the spring.)

Akane: Ryoga! How did you get here?

Ryoga: Well, uh, I--

Ranma: (interrupting) Oh, you know, Akane, he's always getting lost. (laughs nervously) He probably just ended here on accident, heh heh.

Ryoga: (also laughs nervously) Yep, that's it right there. (whispers) Thanks.

Ranma: An eye for an eye. (looks up) LOOK OUT!

[Ranma and Ryoga dive out of the way of the monster, who registers another attack.]

Akane: (looks to Tetsuo) So how do we defeat this thing?


Akane: Well, yes! We're all martial artists, so there is a chance...

Tetsuo: (muttering) Geez, one sideshow after another...

Ranma: WELL?

Ryoga: Yeah! In case you didn't notice, we really don't have time for your smart comments right now!

Tetsuo: Well, (flips through the white binder) it says here, that if one desires to free the spirit, it takes one who either has a lifted curse already, or, (flips further) one without a curse at all.

Akane: Well, I guess it's up to us, Ryoga!

[Ryoga becomes still, and begins to breathe faster]

Ryoga: (thinking) What do I do, now? I can't fight that thing, but what do I tell Akane? Oh, oh, well, I... I mean, it's either now or never! I need to be a man abou-

[The monster lashes out at Ryoga, knocking him cold.]

Ranma: Ryoga!

Akane: Now, I guess it's all up to me! (Charges towards the monster)

Ranma: Akane, no!

Akane: You said it yourself! We've come this far, and this is no time to back out! I'm going for it!

Ranma: I said that it wasn't your business, and it's not your problem!

Akane: Yes, it is! Who has to marry you?

[Ranma thinks for a split second before he notices that Tetsuo is running out of the straw hut with a suitcase)]

Ranma: Hey!! Where do you think you're going?!

Tetsuo: I'm getting out of here! You must REALLY be cursed, because she is VICIOUS!

[Akane drop kicks Tetsuo and throws him into a tree.]

Akane: You are staying here!

[Ryoga gets up, tries to attack the red-headed girl again, and fails once more.]

Akane: Oh man. I could have used his help, too.

Ranma: (Looks towards Tetsuo) Why can't a cursed person fight this thing?

Tetsuo: Gee, (flips through the white binder) okay, let's see here... (flips frantically through the binder) ...this is impossible...I can't find the reason why...

Ranma: (angrily) So, you mean to tell me that I have to sit here and watch my fiancee fight this thing, and I don't even know why, because everything that you know is in that stupid WHITE BINDER, and you can't even find the stupid reason? (twitches angrily)

Tetsuo: Yep. (Ranma begins to roll up his sleeves) B-but, I'll keep looking if that makes you happy, heh heh... (looks through binder)

Ranma: I don't believe this...

[Ranma folds his arms and watches Akane desperately trying to dodge the red-headed monster's blows. The monster bats Akane away from itself, and Ranma jumps to catch her.]

Ranma: You okay?

Akane: No, I don't know how to get a single hit on that thing! And I can't seem to dodge it's hits, all that well, as you can see...

Ranma: (thinks a moment before his eyes light up) Ah!

Akane: What?

Ranma: Well, the guide says that I can't fight that thing, right?

Akane: So, what?

Ranma: Well, no one said that I can't help you by distracting her.

Akane: Well, it's worth a shot, right?

Ranma: (gives Akane a 'thumbs up') Yeah. Okay, here I go! (jumps in front of the red-headed girl) C'mon, you freak! Come and get me!

Akane: (talks to herself) Okay, here goes...HIIIIIYAAAAH! (kicks the red-headed girl in the side of the face. She screeches) YESS! (looks to Ranma, and notices that he suddenly has a mark on his head, in the same place that Akane kicked the girl) OH NO!

Ranma: (thinking) That--that hurt me, too.. but then why can't I fight it? (Ranma runs to the red-headed girl and drop kicks her in the stomach. The red-headed girl flies back, as well as Ranma, but Ranma begins to cough up blood)

Akane: RANMA, WHAT'S HAPPENING? (begins to dodge the girl as she runs towards Ranma)

Ranma: (thinking) Oh man! That hurt me too much! That's gotta mean--

Tetsuo: (interrupting Ranma's thoughts) That's it!

Akane: What? Why isn't the monster bleeding like Ranma?

Tetsuo: Well, it says here that the cursed can't fight a monster of the springs because both the monster and all who are cursed share the same soul. If one who is cursed is within 100 meters of any monster of the springs, they suffer the same damage--

Ranma: And if I hit it--

Tetsuo: Well, you pretty much suffer the same damage, but 10 times worse!

Akane: Then THAT explains the reason why Ranma was bleeding a minute ago!! (looks to Ranma) Quick, get out of here! (turns to red-headed girl) okay, let's see how you like it, now!

Ranma: No, Akane, this isn't worth it! Stop!

Akane: You idiot! I'm doing this for both of us! Do you think I WANT to marry you like you are now, if I have the chance to have you as a whole man?

Ranma: Still, it's not worth risking your life...

[Akane takes Ranma's hand]

Akane: YES it is... NOW GO!

Ranma: Okay.. (begins to run away) ...but I don't like it...

[Ryoga wakes up, once again, and notices that he is bleeding]

Ryoga: (sits up) ooowh... that thing didn't hit me in the mouth...(looks towards the direction of the red-headed girl and notices Ranma running away, and further notices Akane fighting the girl) RANMA, HOW DARE YOU LEAVE AKANE LIKE THAT?!? (dives towards Ranma)

Ranma: OUT OF THE WAY, YOU IDIOT! (pushes Ryoga)

Ryoga: You spineless...(swings his parasol towards Ranma) THIS IS AN ULTIMATE LOW, SAOTOME! I'M GOING TO HELP AKANE!!

Ranma: You heard what Tetsuo said! We can't fight that thing! It's all up to Akane-

Ryoga: SO! You prize your own manhood over your fiancee? You are truly spineless, Ranma! Why, I'll bet you would even leave your own mother with that--


[Ranma is interrupted by a hard blow to the face. He returns this blow to Ryoga and then notices that the red-headed girl falters a bit after Ryoga is hit.]

Ranma: (thinking) So she feels pain when Ryoga is hit, too..

[Closer to the springs, Akane continues to dodge the red-headed girl, and then delivers a blow that knocks her back. Ranma and Ryoga both become surprised with a slight pain]

Ranma: (thinking) The farther we get away from the girl, the less pain we feel... (Ranma kicks Ryoga, and notices that the red-headed girl screeches)

Ryoga: Hey! (tries to counter attack, and misses) You jerk!

Ranma: (still thinking) But the girl takes worse damage when we're far away from her! It's like she needs our spirits to feed upon!

[Ryoga picks up Ranma and begins to run towards Akane.]

Ranma: Put me down you--

Ryoga & Ranma: OOOF! (both fall to the ground)

[The red-headed girl screeches once again as Akane continues to hit her. Ranma and Ryoga continue to falter as Akane fights.]

Ranma: We've got to get out of here, Ryoga! (kicks Ryoga farther away from Akane and the red-headed girl) I hope that thing is weakening... (runs towards Ryoga) I've got to get Ryoga to fight me!

[Ranma looks towards Akane, who is hitting the red-headed girl,]

Ranma: Good, I'm not feeling any pain, anymore. (looks towards Ryoga, who is in a tree) HEY, P-CHAN!

Ryoga: Why did you have to bring that up? (jumps out of the tree) You'll pay for that!

[Ryoga and Ranma continuously exchange punches and kicks, as the red-headed girl begins to slow down]

Akane: Thank goodness, I was beginning to think she'd never weaken! (continues to fight the girl) I hope that Ranma is okay...

[Ranma and Ryoga continue to fight and Akane throws kicks to the red-headed girl. Akane begins to tire, as does Ranma and Ryoga. Ranma looks onward towards Akane]

Ranma: (thinking) We've got to keep fighting until the girl drops.. (dodges Ryoga's kick) but if Akane wears herself out before the girl is beaten, she's done for! I've gotta end this! KATCHUU TENSHIN AMAGURI-KEN! (repeatedly knocks Ryoga in the back of the head, who loses consciousness, as does the red-headed girl. Ranma runs towards Akane)

Akane: ALL RIGHT! (notices Ranma running towards her) RANMA, WE DID IT!

Ranma: Couldn't have done it without you, Akane! (runs to Akane and picks her up) You...know that.. right?

[Akane and Ranma hold each other close for a long time as Ryoga watches in the distance]

Ryoga: Akane... (walks away)

Ranma: Akane...

Akane: Yes?

Ranma: You, uh, (gulps) know I...

Akane: Yes. (hugs Ranma)

Tetsuo: Oh, man I have never seen anyone fight like that before! I mean, who would have thought that anyone would have the guts to pull a stunt like that, huh? You, (bows to Akane) are something else, girly!

Akane: I wonder where Ryoga is... has he woken up yet? (looks into the distance) Hmm. (looks towards Ranma) Well, you know what to do now...

Ranma: (nods) Well, here goes nothing...

[Ranma heads towards the spring in which the red-headed girl appeared out of, and looks into the spring at his reflection. He gasps as the reflection of his male half slowly changes into a reflection of his female half.]

Ranma: (to himself) No one will ever have to look at me like that ever again... (smiles) ...poor Kuno... (removes his shirt and throws it to Akane) hold this, okay?

Akane: Sure.

[Ranma slowly steps into the spring, which begins to glow, as he completely sinks into the spring.]

Akane: Wow, I never thought that I could ever see him as a whole man... isn't it great, Tetsuo?

Tetsuo: (wavering) What do you mean?

Akane: What do you mean, 'what do you mean?'

[Out of the spring appear Ranma and a red-headed girl. Ranma steps out of the water, as the girl hovers to Ranma.]

Girl: (kisses Ranma) Thank you... (fades into the sky)

Scene: Jusenkyo. The "spring of drowned girl" slowly disappears.

Jusenkyo Guide: Oooh...

Scene: Back at Musenkyo. The sun begins to sink beneath the clouds.

Ranma: (runs to Akane) This is great! I'll never be a girl again!!

Tetsuo: Um, about THAT, uh..

Akane: (glaring) WHAT?

Tetsuo: (smiles hastily) Well,

Ranma: Huh? What could possibly be wrong?

Tetsuo: Nothing says that anyone changes back... heh, heh..

Ranma & Akane: WHAT?

Tetsuo: Well, the legend says that the spirit can be freed... (turns to the spring) but it doesn't say anywhere that the people get reverted back to normal...


Akane: I don't believe this... WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT BEFORE?

[Ranma and Akane kick Tetsuo into space]



Scene: The Tendo dinner table. Ranma is wolfing down his food.

Akane: What a pig you are, Ranma. Honestly.

Ranma: You like pigs, though.

Akane: (Blushing.) Do NOT!!!!

Ranma: What about the widdle piggy that sleeps in your bed?

Akane: Shut up Ranma! You're so JEALOUS!!

Kasumi: (Smiling) Oh look at them...I think our little plan worked.

[Ranma chokes on his food and Akane gives Soun a death glare. They each walk up to their parent and...]

Akane and Ranma: (obviously mad) WHAT PLAN?

[Soun starts crying and Genma turns into a panda. Nabiki stands up and pulls Akane and Ranma back to the table.]

Nabiki: You see...Humm how do I put this?

Kasumi: Well, you see...father decided that you two needed a little... motivation to go on your marriage trip...

Nabiki: Love trip...

Akane: Shut UP!

Kasumi: Calm down Akane.

Akane: NO!! (looks at Ranma, who is choking Genma panda.)

Genma panda: (holds up a sign) It was for you're own good. We know what's best for you both.

Akane: Could have fooled me...

Kasumi: Now...shut-um...calm down and let me finish. We had a little talk with Auntie Saotome...She'd send the postcard...we'd do the rest.

Ranma: (Still choking Genma panda, who is now very red.) What about Dr. Tofu?

Nabiki: That was a little added surprise.

Kasumi: I'm sure Dr. Tofu didn't mean to do all that...

Dr. Tofu: (Out of nowhere) I didn't... (looks at Kasumi)

Kasumi: Why hello Dr. Tofu...

Dr. Tofu: K-Kasumi!! What an amazing coincidence that we should meet here of all places.

Kasumi: I live here.

[There's a knock at the front door. Akane pries Ranma's hands from around Genma's neck, and then pulls him to the door. They answer and Akane gasps]

Ranma: Uh--

Voice: Oh Ranma, I'm finallyhere when you're not on a training trip.

Ranma: M-mom?

[Ranma's mom hugs him and Genma panda gapes as he sees his wife.]

Nodoka: Hello Genma...

[Everyone face faults] To be continued.

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