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Laura-chan's favorite 7...

- Volume 24: (Herb, Mint and Lime) Herb literally throws Akane out of the Nekohanten! Before she lands, Ranma enters in time to catch her! What will Ranma do to Herb for revenge? (page 17)

- Volume 25: (Herb, Mint and Lime part 2) After walking in on Ryouga, Mousse and Ranma in the bath, Akane gets angry at Ranma for not telling her that he's returned home. After getting yelled at a bit by Ranma, Akane quickly shuts him up with a HUGE embrace! (page 35)

- Volume 32: (Battle dougi) A magical dougi that chooses its wearer makes the wearer into an ultimate fighter. The suit can only be worn by people who haven't had their hearts taken. How far will Ranma go to get the dougi from Akane? Some true feelings are revealed! (Read the whole thing!)

- Volume 34: (Ranma's bust size) Nodoka is visiting again, and Ranma and Akane are together in the dark! Ranma makes his move... (page 115)

- Volume 35: (Love knot) Ranma and Akane take a walk along the river. *sigh* What a beautiful starry night -- Ranma is enjoying the view of the river.. and Akane. (page 180)

- Volume 38: (Saffron) Finally, finally, Ranma admits his feelings to a dying Akane... does that mean wedding bells in the future? (page 161)

- Volume 38: (Saffron) Ranma walks in on Akane in her second wedding dress, and tells her that she looks cute. Awww... (page 169)

Japanese manga moments...

-Volume 1: (Ranma vs Kunou) Ranma and Akane are at Dr Toufu's clinic, after Ranma has been injured. Dr. Toufu makes it so that Ranma can't walk home; Akane is forced to carry him home (as a girl, of course ^_~) and Ranma is forced to be nice. (page 158) Submitted by Catherine Johnson
[also in the anime]

-Volume 2: (Ranma hurts his neck) "You're cute when you smile" (page 21)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 3: (Skating pair) Akane dares Ranma to kiss her-- WHO'S off-guard? (page 162)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 3: (Skating pair) Ranma threatens Mikado for intending to kiss Akane...(page 184)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 4: (Skating pair) Ranma and Akane survive Mikado and Asuza's "Goodbye Merry-Go-Round," but Ranma's pretty messed up after that... look at the way Akane worries over him... (page 23) Submitted by Neko
[also in the anime]

-Volume 5: (Cat hell) Ranma kisses Akane! Uh, well, he's not really in his right mind; he thinks he's a cat. (page 67)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 10: (Amazon bracelet) Akane's swallowed something that makes her fall in love with the first man she sees... and she sees Ranma! (page 51)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 14: (Hiryuu Shoten Ha) After it looks like Ranma won't get his strength back to normal, Akane offers to go off training with him, and offers him some kind words. Well, at least she tries! ^_~ (page 16-17)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 16: (Onsen race) Ranma and Akane are stuck in a sand trap. How do they get out? (page 82)
[also in the anime?]

-Volume 17: (Nabiki, Ranma's innazuke) Akane's got a date with Ranma? Also, Ranma grabs the girl he loves, and tells her that he loves her! (page 162)
[also in the anime?]

-Volume 18: (Pansuto Tarou) Akane jumps off of a cliff to save some hot water for Ranma, but Tarou tries to stop her by hitting her with a boulder. Ranma saves her (of course) and gets pretty angry at Tarou... (page 106)
[also in the anime?]

-Volume 21: (Sakura Mochi) Akane makes "Sakura Mochi" (cherry blossom dumplings) which, if fed to someone else, will show if the couple are destined to be together. If the couple is destined, sakura petals will appear on the forehead of the person who eats it. If not, a big "X" will form on the face. What happens when both Ranma and Ryouga get a hold of some? (read the whole thing!)
[also in the anime?]

-Volume 22: (Mariko) Ranma tells Akane that he, er she, loves her! But why is she freaking out?
[also in the anime]

-Volume 22: (Glad/Sad Brooch) Akane is under the spell of a brooch that belongs to Shampoo and Cologne, and tells Ranma that she loves him. Ranma doesn't look all that disappointed to hear it, either! (page 162)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 26: (Shinnosuke) Has Akane left Ranma for someone else? Also, Ranma offers to hold hands with Akane, and she gladly obliges! (page-- ahh, just read the whole thing! ^_^)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 31: (Love umbrella) It's raining, and the only umbrella left is the one that makes any two people that share it fall in love. Who's going to share it with Akane? (page 100)

-Volume 31: (Evil doll) Akane bears it all for Ranma to see... but there's something strange about her... (page 158)
[also in the anime]

-Volume 34: (Valentine chocolate) It's valentine's day, and Akane has to give Ranma some chocolate from a cute little girl... so what's the problem? (page 36)

-Volume 37: (Saffron) Ranma's in the bath, and Akane comes to join him! (page 142)

Anime moments...

*These will mostly refer to the name of the volumes released by Viz*

-OAV: (Desperately Seeking Shampoo) Ranma and Akane are alone in the attic of the Dojo, exchanging Christmas presents. Awww..... ^o^

-OAV: (Desperately Seeking Shampoo) Ranma puts his arm around Akane under a meteor shower. *sigh*

-TV Season 2: (Ranma and Juliet) Unbelieveable, do they kiss?!? Ranma and Akane play Romeo and Juliet for Furinkan High School... (the anime makes this more romantic than the manga version ^_~)

-OAV: (An Akane to Remember) Ranma makes it clear to Shinnosuke that Akane belongs to him!

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