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I've taken the most frequently asked questions from my e-mail about Ranma and Akane, and compiled the answers here. I'll add more questions to this when I see that more come up.
PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS ANY MISINFORMATION, AND I'LL GLADLY CORRECT IT. However, if you do have a correction, be sure you have proof or something to back it up with.

This will most definitely contain spoilers; don't say I didn't warn you. ^_~

1. When do Ranma and Akane get married?
2. I've seen pictures of Akane in Japanese and Western wedding dresses, which one does she use?
3. I've heard that there is an anime where Ranma and Akane get married... what happens in it?
4. Can you tell me in which manga Ranma and Akane kiss?
5. Do Ranma and Akane ever go on dates?
6. Okay, so what happens in volume 38?
          -What? THAT'S how it ends?
7. Are there TV episode-versions of volume 38/the later manga?

1. When do Ranma and Akane get married? According to Soun, Ranma and Akane will get married "when things are in order." The audience does not actually see Ranma and Akane's wedding, except for the sabotaged one.

2. I've seen pictures of Akane in Japanese and Western wedding dresses, which one does she use? In volume 37, Akane is called downstairs by Genma, Soun and Nodoka and is shown later, wearing the Japanese wedding dress. The three of them knocked out Akane and put the dress on her and called Ranma down to tell him that Akane was ready and willing to marry him (it was rather scary when she woke up...)! Later, on the roof, Ranma thinks about how cute Akane looked.

In volume 38, when Ranma and Akane get back from China, Akane puts the Western dress on, and Ranma busts into her room. Akane talks about how maybe she should have put on the Japanese dress, and Ranma then says that she looks cute either way.

3. I've heard that there's an anime where Ranma and Akane get married... what happens in it? I have to say, that was the cruelest April Fool's joke that's been played on me (and I wish that I could have came up with it...). ^_~ You're probably talking about the fabled "Four Fiancees and a Funeral," which was indeed an April Fool's joke. A false review of "Four Fiancees" was posted on an online animezine (forgot which one) in April of 1998, about an anime version of volume 38 with Ranma and Akane getting married in the end. It's all fake. Unfortunately, there is not an anime that shows the wedding.

4. Can you tell me which manga Ranma and Akane kiss in? Nope. Though there are a lot of close calls, they don't kiss, unless you count volume 5, where Ranma is in the Neko-ken and kisses Akane, because he's acting like a cat, or volume 10, where Ranma and Akane play Romeo and Juliet and kiss on stage (Akane uses masking tape over Ranma's mouth when they do this).

5. Do Ranma and Akane ever go on dates? Not exactly. There is one story in volume 17 (when Nabiki is Ranma's fiancee for a while) when Nabiki tries to set Ranma and Akane up on a date in a park. She tells Akane that Ranma wants to meet her on a date, and tells Ranma to meet her (Nabiki) in the park.

6. Okay, so what happens in volume 38? A lot. The main event is Ranma's fight with Saffron. Akane gets in the middle of the fight, becomes dehydrated, in a sense, and is transformed into a sort of living doll. To keep things brief, she needs the water from Mount Phoenix to be able to revive. Once that water is tapped into (after Ranma wins his fight against Saffron), and Akane is drenched in it, she does turn back to normal, but when Ranma talks to her, she does not respond.

"LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU!!"Sitting at the edge of a cliff, Ranma is talking to Akane, and apoligizes for always being rude to her. As he is crying, he says, "Akane, I want to tell you something.." and then, "Let me tell you that I love you!" Ranma suddenly feels her hand touch his face, and upon discovering that Akane didn't answer at first because she couldn't move, he freaks out.

Later, Ranma is knocked out and dressed up in a tuxedo. He asks about what is going on, and is told that Akane has agreed to marry him. Busting into Akane's room, Ranma walks in while she's tried on the Western wedding dress, and is dumbstruck (there are little "doki doki" sound effects coming from his chest ^_^). Ranma asks Akane why she agreed to marry him, and she says it's because he loves her. Ranma then denies everything, and the two begin to fight. Akane mentions that no wedding is fine, but he'll regret it if he doesn't marry her. It turns out that the Jusenkyo Guide gave the Tendous a barrel of Nannichuan in return for the help in Jusenkyo. Soun planned that Ranma and Akane would open the barrel once they are married (in Japan, it is customary for the newlyweds to crack open a barrel of sake, so the Nannichuan is dressed up as the barrel).

When Ranma finds out what is going on, Ryouga, Mousse and Genma are already fighting over the barrel. Nobody gets it, though, because Happousai thinks that it is sake, and drinks it all. Meanwhile, Ukyou and Shampoo are hurling food bombs at Akane, and Ranma gets in the way and becomes char-broiled. Hinako-sensei is sucking down cake, and Kunou and Kodachi have shown up - Kodachi in a black wedding dress, telling Ranma to marry her, and then Kunou, who is protesting the marriage and vowing to kill Ranma. Nabiki is at the door, greeting the guests and collecting money. Happousai is clinging onto a very exasperated Akane, and Ranma is knocked out and blown up in a corner.

Later, Soun says that the wedding will be postponed until they can get affairs in order. Ranma and Akane leave to go to school, just like an ordinary day.

"We're off to school!"What? That's how it ends? What a rip-off! Well, think what you want. ^_~ I think that it's a great ending because it says that the way of life in Ranma's world will always be the same. We know that Ranma and Akane will get married, everyone will always chase them because of it, the sky will be blue, etc. The ending does not take an abrupt turn from the series by "fixing" all of the conflicts in a neat little manner. As a bonus, the fanfics that are made because of this ending are fantastic! ^_~

7. Are there TV episode-versions of volume 38/the later manga? Nope. The TV series ended two years before the manga did.

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