Pansuto Tarou
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Pansuto TarouName: Pansuto Tarou (Japanese) Also known as: Pantyhose Taro,
Taro(u), Pantyhose.

Curse? Yes. Spring of drowned Yeti-Riding-a-Bull-Holding-an-Eel-and-Crane (later, Tarou also adds spring of drowned Octopus for extra tentacles and ink-shooting capabilities).

First Appearance: Manga Volume 18

History: Pansuto Tarou is a boy from China who was "baptized" by Happousai, in the cursed springs of Jusenkyo. However, Tarou doesn't seem to care about his curse (possibly because he's had it almost all of his life), just the fact that his name is Pantyhose (ouch...). He comes to Japan to find Happousai to get his name changed. His fighting ability is extremely strong, especially in his cursed form, and he is not afraid to hurt people (severely) to get what he wants. Don't call him Pantyhose if you want to walk normally. ^_~

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