Kunou TatewakiName: Kunou Tatewaki (Japanese), Also known as Tatewaki Kuno, Furinkan no Aoi Icazuchi (The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High).

Curse? No, though it would help if he DID have one...

First Appearance: Manga volume 1

History: Tatewaki (yes, this is his first name ^_~) is the older sibling of the Kunou family, and is portrayed as extremely wealthy. It is not know exactly how rich he really is, but I'm sure he's rich enough. Tatewaki is the captain of the Kendo club at Furinkan, and is famous for his unique way of speaking (in English translations, his language is broken Shakesperian), and his dillema of whether he loves Tendou Akane, or Onna-Ranma (to him, the "Osage no Onna" or "Pig-Tailed Girl"). Though he is an expert kendoist, his martial arts are not as good as the other martial artists in Ranma 1/2.

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