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Other Ranma and Akane Sites

The Ranma and Akane Forever Project
Knights of the True Fiancee (KTF)
The Defenders of the True Fiancee Webring
Ranma and Akane the Best Couple
Anime Kiss; the Shrine for Anime Lovers
The Ranma and Akane Memorial Page
Ranma and Akane: Meant for Each Other

The RNA Shrine
Love Hurts - Another Ranma and Akane Shrine **NEW!**

Links to Ranma Pages

The Church of Ranko and Ryouga - This is dedicated to another great couple in Ranma 1/2, and I'm a member! ^_~
The Church of Nabiki
Yay CoN! This is one of the first clubs I joined while on the Ranma ML in 1997.
The Ranma 1/2 Library
Frank-kun has outdone himself with this page! This page is the ultimate Ranma site.
Viloence is fun! A Ranma 1/2 Gallery
Well-designed Ranma pages are a rare treat, so check this one out! ^_^
The Ranma Sound Shrine - THE ORIGINAL Ranma music page!
The Ranma 1/2 Tripped Out Zone
This is my best friend, Liz's Ranma page
This way to Olin's Fanfiction Links!

Drawings by Lyn Daniel What a wonderful artist! All Ranma fans have to see her work at least once.
The Ranma 1/2 Domain
A Tribute to Akane Tendo
Kasumi's Ranma Page
Lovely, Beautiful, divine, Awesome, Akane Tendo
Gizmo's Ranma 1/2 Page

Links to Anime/Anime-themed/Japanese-themed Pages

Serpent's Anime Page
Elizabeth King's Shrine to Kikuko Inoue
Knight Wanderer's Cute Anime Girls Wearing Glasses Shrine!
Anime girls are SO cute when they wear glasses!
The Ninth Gate: Kunou's Domain
Tendou Enaka's Island in the Bitstream -- one of the coolest sites that I've been to!
Rueben Cassar's Anime Page - (vote for your favorite Ranma Character!)
The Cat Cafe

The Dark Lord's Anime Award Site
The Anime Powerhouse
Anime Inc.
The Anime Grove - This is another good anime site, that is worth the visit.
Shizumaru's page here!

This is yet another anime page ^-^

Puppy with Love Fan Art Gallery

The Swooning Hotohori Fanclub


Other Links


Alex Martnez' page
The Diamond's Light - A fairytale for all ages....

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